A Chicago based photographer, that frequents Atlanta and is willing to travel worldwide.

My name is Lawrence Oliver Brown and I have been intrigued by people for as long as I can remember.

My photographic journey began long before I picked up a camera. As a child in my native Nassau, Bahamas I would sit on the porch and spend his day “people watching”. I was always curious about what my subjects thought or what they were feeling.

I wanted to know what people were thinking. I was driven by an almost compulsive desire to know who those people were; to decipher what their eyes were saying. When I moved to the United States I continued to people watch, perhaps more as an escape adapting to a new country and new way of life. While editor-in-chief of my college’s student newspaper I took a photography class to help better understand my journalistic pursuits. I learned my passion for writing was rivaled by my passion to tell a visual story.

Despite having a degree in Communications with a concentration in Journalism, I joined the more lucrative corporate sector.

But I was inspired by a child hood friend who had become a photographer to turn my hobby into a photographic labor of love.

I did, and never looked back.

I approached this hobby with the same passion and drive that helped me to be a success in the corporate arena. As a largely self-taught photographer I have been fortunate enough photograph individuals, entertainers, political figures and corporate clients alike.

What began as a hobby evolved into BLOPHOTO-LAWRENCE OLIVER BROWN PHOTOGRAPHY.

Some Of My Work

Taste of Chicago – Fashion Focus Chicago Maker Market

I had the opportunity to hang-out with www.1930modelmanagement.com at the first annual Fashion Focus Chicago Maker Market held at The Taste of Chicago July 11-12. It was an opportunity for those whose wanted to get out and meet some of Chicago’s modeling agencies to do so. Lily’s Talent, Agency Galatea, 1o MGMT, Factor Women…

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